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WooCommerce Shop programmieren mit 5 Step Auswahl


Simple Shopping Website with Woo-Commerce and matching Logo/Color/Font

We provide a briefing document with a very detailed outline of how the website should look like with all texts, position of content, pictures, menu, etc.

Website should be implemented with Woo-Commerce. We have a ready template already and basic design set up is done there. Focus of the assignment is the Woo-Commerce shop and integration into the fully compatible theme.

The buyer will choose from different options and configure his product individually in 5 steps. The selection is done by simply clicking on one of the pictures which will then mark it as selected (putting a half transparent overlay over it and saying selected on it).

1st step: 3-6 configurations (through pictures)
2nd step: 3 configurations (through pictures) THIS DETERMINES THE PRICE
3rd step: One question with yes where 4 different products can be clicked, or NO without any product (THIS DETERMINES THE PRICE)
5th step: Yes/No question with additional dropdown menu (if yes) (optional for buying)
6th step: Upload a picture (by smartphone or from the laptop) or type in measures (optional for buying)

Then the vital selections in 2nd and 3rd step are taken into consideration the user can press purchase. This will then lead into the purchase page where the product and the according price is calculated based on the selection of the person. The shopping basket should be straight forward and present the selected items (configurations) before confirming payment.
Payment is done via credit card, PayPal or immediate wire transfer (last one is very popular in Germany called Sofortüberweisung).

Other requirements:
– Option for voucher codes
– Option to put configurations (1st part of the configuration) set as “on request” or “sold out” or “coming soon” that stops further selection and shopping.
– Customers can only have their residence in Berlin, Germany (this will also be mentioned on website but customers should not be able to proceed with payment if they indicate another address).
– Shopping and payment confirmation email to customer
– Check box for general terms and conditions (before payment)
– Language of the website is German and English
– Customers can buy as “guests”; no registration required (we want to have website as simple as possible)

Time frame: starting immediately Delivery by 15.4. COB

Preis 200 or best offer.

WooCommerce Shop programmieren mit 5 Step Auswahl
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