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Woocommerce Customization


Hello everyone,
on our website we are having four small problems:

The first problem is that on our website we are using the „booster plugin“ with the „eu-vat number validation“ to add a field for the eu vat number in the checkout so that the customer can only place the order if the vat number is valid. Because our shop is a b2b and b2c shop in one, the field for the vat number should only appear if there are some specific products in the cart. So task one is to change the code of the validation plugin, so that the checkout field for the vat is only displayed if some specific products are in the cart.

Second problem we are having is, that we are having one variable product in our shop, which should display the prices without tax on the single product page but as the customer takes the product in the cart, the checkout process should continue calculating the product with tax.

The third problem is that on our checkout page the field for the „street“ should be renamed into „Street and Housenumber“.

Fourth problem is that if the session has expired on the „session has expired“-page there is a link that redirekts to the shop page, which we would like to remove.

We are hoping that someone can help us fixing these small problems.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,

Woocommerce Customization
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